Donald Brasseur
Donald "Boots" Brasseur

Canadian Icon Donald "Boots" Brasseur Dies At 89!

Congratulation To Don Brasseur's Performance On Senior Star!

Donald "Boots" Brasseur To Appear On Vision TV March 27 At 9:00PM

Donald "Boots" Brasseur Finalist At Seniors Stars!

Life And Times Plays On CTV's "A" Channel!

"Life And Times" After Party!

"Life And Times" On CTV's "A" Channel: July 26 At 10:30AM!

Channel Options For Viewing "Life And Times!"

Don Brasseur Awarded the 2008 IAIJ Award For Journalism!

Talk To Donald Brasseur!

Buy The CD!

"Life And Times Of Donald "Boots" Brasseur" Certified For Broadcast!

Donald "Boots" Brasseur On TV/1954!

Donald "Boots" Brasseur's: Maze of Music is Released!

Donald (Boots) Brasseur Gets Song Played On AM740!

Donald Brasseur's "Memories Of Christmas" Completes Production!

Production Begins: "The Life And Times Of Donald (Boots) Brasseur"

Don Brasseur Finishes His "Maze Of Music" Album! "

Don Brasseur (Boots) Signs Music Contract With FOF Inc.

Introducing: Donald Brasseur!


Donald Brasseur At Seinor Star! (Video)

Away In A Manger

Silent Night

Joy To The World

Stardust (Music video)

Boots On AM740!